Sustainability: The Search for the Balance Between Socio- Environmental Responsibility and Business Economic Efficiency

Grace Ladeira Garbaccio, Christophe Krolik, Ana Carolina de Moura Maciel


The article aims to present the discussions about sustainability and corporate social
responsibility. Such concepts are no longer a trend and are in continuous process of construction, even if the discussions on the subject have gained more proportion in the last decades. It is possible to relate them to the financial results of organizations. And in fact, these concepts are not static, but rather require an ongoing process of redefinition, which now involves a vision of long-term corporate strategy. Organizations have been pushed to change the way they are committed not only to the environmental issue, but especially to how committed they are to society. In this way, corporate social responsibility has grown and is one of the organizations’ priorities. It is considered that these organizations face a new risk scenario, which demands the adoption of a socially and environmentally responsible position, converging towards economic efficiency. Thus, the present analysis was based on bibliographic references using the hypothetical deductive method.


Sustainability; Social and Environmental Responsibility; Business Economics; Shareholder e Stakeholder.

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