Significado Y Alcance de la Apelación al Principio Constitucional de la Dignidad de la Persona en España

José Maria Porras Ramírez


The use of a moral category, unrelatedto the law, such as human dignity, is superfluous when it only serves for legal operators to invoke it as a mere argumentation reinforcement of their decisions, but without attributing any resolutory effectiveness. Even so, the appeal to human dignity can be useful when it contributes to the full recognition of so‑called “credit rights”, usually lacking an effective guarantee, or on occasions when it helps to identify or discover new areas of freedom. However, its negative face appears when it is used to restrict the scope of the rights, in order to safeguard a particular social morality that is considered threatened by the exercise of those rights. This condition of generic limit, frequently alleged, confronts us with the risk of distorting the current fundamental system. It is therefore necessary to determine its exact scope, which is to proclaim the equal consideration of every human being, linked to an effective mandate of non‑discrimination. To go further is incompatible with the model of constitutional democracy which has been laboriously constructed.

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