Apresentação - Artista Plástica Katia Wille


  • Katie Wille


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Biografia do Autor

Katie Wille

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Katia Wille has a degree in arts and fashion design from the University of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and has spent the last 10 years living and working between Europe, Asia and Brazil. The issues of the feminine, of the body in search of its essence and transformations, have always populated the works of the artist, who intends to establish a dialogue between the viewer and her work, highlighting the fragility of human relations and the incessant search for the look of the other. Starting from concerns and questions raised during her career, the artist seeks to understand the movement of the internal over the external, the complex dynamics of the human relationship with the world. Bodies in motion, intertwined, curved or very stretched are constant in their work and establish a relationship with the delicate issue of the search for balance. Mixed, the bodies lose their identity to form a homogeneous mass, similar to the internal parts of the human body. The materials chosen by Katia seek to express concepts such as transformation, elasticity, porosity and fragmentation through installations and paintings in flexible materials and metallic fabrics. In 2018, the artist began her research into cognitive sculptures and installations using Artificial Intelligence, thus she begins to create works that move according to the emotions of the viewers. This allows, through the material used, the viewer to be reflected on the artwork, as a co-creator of the work with the artist. Body, movement and light, the three layers or pillars of the artist's work, which seeks to go beyond the concepts established in the delicate relationship that art allows




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